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Vice President Hu Sishe Meets with Swiss Federal Parliamentarian Mr. Béglé

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On July 15, 2019, CPAFFC Vice President Hu Sishe met with Member of Swiss Federal Parliament and President of Swiss-China World Silk Road Association Mr. Claude Béglé.

Vice President Hu Sishe welcomed Mr. Béglé’s visit and expressed gratitude for his warm hospitality for CPAFFC working unit and Yushu Prefecture Delegation during their visit to Switzerland as well as for his careful arrangement of events. Mr. Hu also said that CPAFFC would continue the friendly cooperation with Swiss-China World Silk Road Association and further the pragmatic cooperation between China and Switzerland in green sustainable development.

Mr. Béglé thanked Vice President Hu Sishe for taking time to meet with them. He pointed out that the Chinese delegations’ visit has given Swiss people an opportunity to get to know the harmonious relations between Tibetan People and Han People as well as Tibetan culture’s philosophy of respecting nature. Both sides agreed that seeking a balance between economic development and environmental preservation would be an important agenda in the future sustainable economy.

During the meeting, the two sides have also discussed future cooperation between the two countries in terms of eco-tourism, minority culture, wildlife protection, national parks and traditional medicine.

Deputy Director General of Department of Cultural Exchanges Mr. Ji Wei and Executive President of Swiss-China World Silk Road Association Mr. Jing Yunchuan attended the meeting.

photographed by Liu Jiayun

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