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Vice President Song Jingwu Leading the Delegation of CPAFFC Visits Japan

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From 2nd to 6th July, the delegation of CPAFFC led by vice president Song Jingwu visited Tokyo, Sendai etc. in Japan on the invitation of Soka Gakkai. During the visit, vice president Song met with executive vice president of Soka Gakkai Ikeda Hiromasa, chairman of New Komeito  Yamaguchi Natsuo, former minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Kawanura Takeo, vice governor of Miyaqi Endo Shinya, president of Soka University Tashiro Yasunori, Curator of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Gokita Akira and executive representative of Min-On Concert Association Ito Kazuto etc. and exchanged views about deepening cooperation relationship with Soka Gakkai and other Japanese organizations and promoting China-Japan friendliness.

Vice president Song said, it is the first visit based on the Friendship Exchange Memorandum co-ratified by CPAFFC and Soka Gakkai last year, which has a significant meaning in terms of deepening the exchange and cooperation relationship between CPAFFC and Soka Gakkai. Under the lead of honorary president Ikeda Daisaku, Soka Gakkai has consistently stuck to China-Japan Friendliness and made unremitting efforts and positive contributions to normalization of diplomatic relations, improvement and development of China-Japan relations and exchanges and cooperation in culture and education etc. Leaders of both countries have lately met during the G20 Summit in Osaka and have reached ten consensus about further deepening China-Japan relations, which clears the developing direction of China-Japan relations in the future. With both countries standing at a new historical starting point, CPAFFC is willing to work together with Soka Gakkai and other organizations of friendliness in Japan and co-conduct more and more colorful exchange activities in the fields of culture, sport, teenager etc., thus consistently developing the China-Japan relations towards the right direction. 

Vice president Ikeda Hiromasa said, his father, honorary president Ikeda Daisaku has issued an initiative to normalize the Japan-China diplomatic relation as early as 1968. After his first visit in China, Ikeda Daisaku has devoted himself to promoting exchange and cooperation in various fields between Japan and China. It is our mission to develop the tradition and to pass the belief of Japan-China Friendliness to the next generations on the basis of Japan-China Friendliness grounded by our last generation. Soka Gakkai will strengthen the cooperation with CPAFFC and consistently contribute to the deepening of exchanges in every fields between both countries and to greater development of Japan-China relations in the new era.

Chairman of the New Komeito Yamaguchi Natsuo said, it has important meaning for consolidating the developing basis of Japan-China relations to keep the frequent high-level exchanges between Japan and China. New Komeito has always worked actively to improve and develop Japan-China relations when Japan-China relations were once in a serious situation. In the present time, there is a great chance to further develop the relations between both countries and New Komeito is willing to continue unremitting efforts to develop Japan-China relations.

During the visit, CPAFFC has also signed an intent letter of friendly relations with Japan-China Friendship and Culture Exchange Promotion Association.  

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