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President Li Xiaolin Meets with Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation of Scotland, the UK

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On 1st July, President Li Xiaolin and Vice President Song Jingwu of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(CPAFFC) met with Mr Ivan McKee, the visiting Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation of Scotland, the UK.

President Li Xiaolin pointed out that the CPAFFC has fruitful cooperation with the British local governments and people from all walks of life. We are willing to conduct in-depth discussions and cooperation on areas of common interest to China and Scotland. In today’s world, all countries should support multilateral trade and promote mutually beneficial cooperation. Vice President Song Jingwu highlighted that China and Britain are big countries with an open tradition and a spirit of cooperation. He welcomed high-level representatives of Scottish local governments to participate the second "China International Import Expo" , which will be held this year in Shanghai and its supporting forum and the next "Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum".

Minister Ivan Mckee said Scotland is making every effort to build ties with the world, especially exchanges and cooperation with China across the board. Scotland is willing to promote Scottish representatives’ participation in China's activities and promote China-Scotland joint development.

Deputy Director General of the European and Asian Department, Ms Zhang Ruoning attended the meeting.





Photographed by Wang Fan

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