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President Li Xiaolin Visits Japan

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At the invitation of Japan-China Friendship Association (JCFA), Mme. Li Xiaolin, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), visited Tokyo, Japan from February 19 to 23, attending the farewell party for Mr. YONEKURA HIROMASA, an old friend of the Chinese people and the former Chairman of the Japan Business Federation. During the visiting, President Li Xiaolin also met with Mr. NIKAI TOSHIHIRO, Director-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. HAYASHI YOSHIMASA, the President of the Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians’ union and the former Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr. KAWAMURA TAKEO, the Chief of Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Mr. HASHIMOTO ITSUO, Vice President of Japan-China Friendship Association and other personages from all walks of life. They exchanged views on how to further strengthen the friendly exchanges of the people-to-people of the two countries and improve the bilateral relations on the basis of returning to the normal track.

President Li said, last year marked the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held bilateral and multilateral meetings, which played important political leading roles in improving Sino-Japanese relations. Years later, the Prime Ministers of the two countries exchanged visits, after which both sides achieved series of results and reached consensuses in various fields. With the common efforts, bilateral ties return to the normal track and increasingly being improved. Such hard-won accomplishments need to be cherished. The friendly relations between China and Japan are not only in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also benefit to peace, stability and prosperity in Asia and even all over the world.

President Li Xiaolin also made an introduction about the exchanges CPAFFC had developed with Japan and said CPAFFC would like to work with Japanese personages from all walks of life to develop more rich and colorful activities in the fields of culture, sports, local, youth and etc., so as to make more contributions to cementing public support for the Sino-Japanese relations and improve the bilateral ties.

NIKAI TOSHIHIRO said, Japan and China are important countries in Asia and the world. Sino-Japanese relations have an important exemplary role in peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan and China enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. Both sides should inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Japan-China friendship, and develop the current bilateral relations with wisdom. This year, we plan to promote exchanges in the fields of local governments, youths and other fields of the two countries. He hoped that China will give active support and assistance in it.

HAYASHI YOSHIMASA said, I am very pleased that last year, the two prime ministers exchanged visits. Since then, Japan-China relations have achieved important improvements. The political and economic relations between the two countries also have returned to the right track and interacted with each other to form a healthy circle. In the future, we would not forget our original intentions, continue to promote the development of Japan-China relations and safeguard the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples.

KAWAMURA TAKEO said , Japan and China have the same culture and have a good foundation for mutual understanding. Both sides should continue to deepen exchanges in the humanities field. Last year, I took over the post of the president of the newly established group "Japan-China Friendship Culture Exchange Promotion Association". I hoped to vigorously carry out humanities exchanges between the two countries, especially young people, and make contributions to enhance the mutual understanding and friendly feelings of the two peoples.

Hashimoto Yoshio first conveyed the sincere greetings and good wishes from President Uichiro Niwa to President Li. He said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and next year will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan-China Friendship Association (JCFA). Over the past 70 years, the JCFA has been committing to promote the development of the cause of the friendship of the two peoples and the friendly relations of the two countries. In the future, we are willing to continue to work hard to promote people-to-people exchanges and cooperation of the two countries. We believed that Japan-China friendship will have a bright and expected future.

On the 20th, President Li attended the farewell party for Mr. YONEKURA HIROMASA, the former Chairman of the Japan Business Federation and the former adviser of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.. On behalf of CPAFFC, President Li expressed deep condolences to the death of YONEKURA HIROMASA and also sincere condolences to his wife, YONEKURA KAZUE, and TOKURA MASAKAZU, President of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., and spoke highly of the cherished contributions YONEKURA HIROMASA had made to Sino-Japanese relations during his lifetime.

YONEKURA HIROMASA was friendly to China during his lifetime. In 2012, he was conferred the title of China-Japan Friendship Ambassador by the China-Japan Friendship Association. 







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