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Vice President Song Jingwu Meets with KIHARA SEIJI, Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

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Mr. Song Jingwu, Vice President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) met in Beijing with Mr. KIHARA SEIJI, Member of Japanese House of Representatives, Vice Chairperson of Policy Research Council for Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and his delegation on January, 17.

Vice President Song extended welcome to KIHARA SEIJI and WATANABE TAKASHI, Mayor of Higashimurayama City, and conveyed the cordial greetings from CPAFFC President Li Xiaolin. Vice President Song said, last year marked the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The bilateral relations returned to the track of normal development with the common efforts of the two governments and various sectors. Both sides should value the hard-won situation to improve the bilateral relations. Since this year marks the Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Year, we would organize thirty thousand teenagers from China and Japan to exchange in five years. Both sides would hold Olympic Games Successively, which brought new opportunities for the people-to-people and cultural exchanges like the youth and sports of the two countries. The delegation had a discussion with General Administration of Sport of China about Games of the Tokyo Olympic this time, which achieved active results and signed a memorandum. CPAFFC and CJFA (China–Japan Friendship Association ) would like to strengthen the friendly relationship with Higashimurayama City and give a lot support in it.

KIHARA SEIJI thanked Vice President Song for taking time to meet them and conveyed cordial greetings to CPAFFC President Li Xiaolin. KIHARA SEIJI said, it is very gratifying to see the recovery of Japan-China relations. During the visiting this time, Higashimurayama City and General Administration of Sport of China signed a memorandum, which could make more citizens in Higashimurayama City to learn about China. Japanese side would also like to give Chinese Olympic delegation a lot support in the training before the game and wished Chinese Olympic delegation a complete success in the Games of the Tokyo Olympic. KIHARA SEIJI also expressed that they are willing to promote the exchange and cooperation of the two countries in the field of youth, people-to-people and culture, and make their efforts on further improving the bilateral relations.

The delegation visiting China was at the invitation of CPAFFC.

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