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Friendship Blossoms When April Comes- the CPAFFC Hosting China-U.S. Youth Friendship Evening

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On April 9th , the China-U.S. Youth Friendship Evening was held in the beautiful compound of the CPAFFC, where the dancing green and blossomy fragrance delivers the message of spring. Director General Zhang Heqiang of the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of the CPAFFC, Vice Principal Zhang Chunlin of Beijing No.8 High School, Principal Professor Mula Na of the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School, Co-Chair Ronald Shu-Ki Chow of Washington State Panda Foundation, Mayor Lucas of City of Steilacoom, Principal Erwin of Lincoln High School and more than 40 teachers and students from Beijing No.8 High School, Lincoln High School, Steilacoom High School and Valley View Middle School of Washington State attended this event.

Mayor Lucas and Principal Erwin recalled Chinese President Xi Jinping visiting Lincoln High School in September 2015. They quoted President Xi’s remarks to encourage youth from both countries to carry on this friendship and create a brighter future for U.S.-China relations.

Entrusted by President Li Xiaolin of the CPAFFC, Director General Zhang Heqiang expressed his best wishes and warm regards to friends from the State of Washington. He said, young people are full of vitality and hope, just like the rising sun at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning, like trees of flowers and April of spring. The foundation of China-U.S. friendship has its roots in the people and its future rests with the youth. He hoped youth from both countries remain closely connected henceforth, nurturing friendship and promoting China-U.S. relations for generations to come.

Vice Principal Zhang Chunlin said, a year’s plan starts with spring. The spring trip of the delegation to China may usher a very start of long-time exchanges. He also expressed his hope that the two schools from Beijing and their Washington counterparts establish cooperative relations, and forge common progress by constant communication and deepening friendship.

Co-Chair Ronald Shu-Ki Chow said, youth from both countries could learn more about each other’s cultures and values through exchanges and communication, which will certainly lay a solid foundation for the consolidation and development of U.S.-China friendship.

At the event, students from both countries chorused “On the Fields of Hope”, a house-known Chinese folk song, expressing their expectations for better future and aspirations to cultivate the fields of hope together.   

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