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Vice President Hu Sishe Meets With Former Vice Premier and Foreign Minister of Nepal Sujata Koirala

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On November 8th, Vice President Hu Sishe met with Sujata Koirala, former Vice Premier and Foreign Minister of Nepal, and attended the launching ceremony of Visual Arts of China-The Chinese Folk Arts Exhibition held in Nepal.

 Vice President Hu Sishe met with Sujata Koirala

Koirala welcomed the working group and thanked CPAFFCC for inviting her to attend the 2017 China (Anyang) International Conference of Chinese Characters. She briefly introduced the current economic and social development of Nepal and said that she is impressed with China’s rapid development, especially in the neighboring Tibet Autonomous Region. She hoped China can also help promote Nepal with its development, especially in areas like infrastructure construction and planter processing of Tibetan herbs.

She also stressed that the friendship between the two peoples is the basis, and that people-to-people exchanges can play a role in promoting the friendship. So she was willing to actively promote the cultural exchanges between China and Nepal. Vice President Hu Sishe thanked Koirala for her caring and efforts in the cause of China-Nepal Friendship and briefed her on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He pointed out that the 19th National Congress laid a path for the development of China in the next stage. China will continue to deepen reform, promote development for the Chinese people's well-being, and benefit the neighboring countries. CPAFFC will also continue to actively carry out cultural exchanges with Nepal to enhance the understanding and mutual trust between the two peoples.

 Launching ceremony of Visual Arts of China-The Chinese Folk Arts Exhibition

Launching ceremony of Visual Arts of China-The Chinese Folk Arts Exhibition in Nepal was held in Kathmandu on November 8th morning. The Exhibition will also be exhibited at the National Museum of Nepal and other places. In order to cooperate with the exhibition, the cultural working group introduced two Shaanxi paper-cutting artists and Chinese folk art craft Masters to the local primary school and taught the students the art of paper-cutting, which was welcomed by the school and students. The working group held talks with Nepalese friends from fields of culture and art on the exchange of music, Buddhism and fine arts between China and Nepal, and the two sides agreed to establish a mechanism for cultural and artistic exchange between the two countries.

 On-site teaching of paper-cutting

On the same day, the working group also visited the city of Manohara and Sankhara, near Kathmandu, and held talks with mayors on cities and cultural exchanges between China and Nepal.

 Chinese folk art craft Masters present gift to Nepalese friends

On November 6th, the working group visited Nehru University, and met with China studies expert Shaobaoli and five other professors and experts in the humanities and art research and teaching, exploring further cooperation between CPAFFC and Nehru University on a variety of cultural exchanges. Preliminary intention was reached about inviting representatives of the Nepalese side to participate the Chinese Culture Tour For Foreign Diplomats and Experts, China-Nepal Youth Contemporary Art exhibition, and other projects.

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