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President Li Xiaolin Visits the United States

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At the invitation of State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF), President Li Xiaolin visited the United States from October 26 to 28. During her stay, President Li attended the Technology Summit held by SLLF, and met with William Baribault, President of Richard Nixon Foundation and Nina Hachigian, Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

At the opening session of the Technology Summit, President Li made an introduction on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. She pointed out that China’s development goals for the new era set by the Congress will provide broad space for China-US subnational cooperation. She hoped that Chinese and US subnational legislatures would seize this opportunity to deepen cooperation and bring benefits to the people of our two countries. Around 100 participants, including 33 legislative leaders from 24 states and representatives from academia and business sector in the area of science and technology attended the Summit.


During her meeting with William Baribault, president of Richard Nixon Foundation, President Li remarked that President Nixon’s visit to China laid a solid foundation for the normalization of China-US relationship. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the publication of the Shanghai Communique. Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) plans to host a commemorative event in Beijing and wishes to invite representatives from Richard Nixon Foundation and the family members of President Nixon to attend. Baribault expressed that President Nixon started the US-China friendly cooperation with great political courage and wisdom. The Foundation will live up to his expectation on the US-China relationship and work together with the CPAFFC to continuously push forward the bilateral relations.

President Li and Nina Hachigian, deputy mayor of Los Angeles and former US ambassador to ASEAN, discussed on the exchange and cooperation in areas such as sister city, environmental protection and youth during their meeting. Hachigian said, she only took office as the Deputy Mayor for a few weeks, yet she has long been committed to the research on US-China relations. She believed that there is huge potential for the cooperation between Los Angeles and China.
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