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Director General Sun Xueqing Meets with African Journalists from China-Africa Press Center

Time:2017-10-10Editor:Zhang YujunResource:Department of Asian and African AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

On October 10, Mr. Sun Xueqing, Director General of Department of Asian and African Affairs, met with 27 African journalists from the 4th China-Africa Press Center Program.

Mr. Sun began by briefly illustrating the role played by the CPAFFC in the Belt and Road initiative to the African journalists. He emphasized that the mission of CPAFFC is to enhance people-to-people connectivity, and further introduced how the CPAFFC brings Chinese and African people closer from perspectives of culture, trade and economy, youth, local government and charity. He said that the CPAFFC is willing to stay in contact with the African media to jointly tell the story of China-Africa friendship. Mr. Sun also had in-depth discussions with them.

The China-Africa Press Center is organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association and aims to help the African media and journalists get a comprehensive understanding of China’s national conditions and current situations of China-Africa relations, in order to further strengthen China-Africa media exchanges and cooperation and enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and African peoples.

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