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CPAFFC President Li Xiaolin Meets with Japan RBA International Delegation

Time:2017-07-20Editor:Yu Xiaodong Resource:China Friendship Institute for International Art ExchangesPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

Mme. Li Xiaolin, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), met with Mr. KUME NOBUHIRO, Chairman of Japan RBA International and his delegation on July 20th. CPAFFC Vice President Hu Sishe attended the meeting.

President Li Xiaolin thanked RBA International for giving support in the work of CPAFFC. She said that Chairman KUME NOBUHIRO is not only an old friend of Chinese people, but also a good friend of CPAFFC. He has a strong feeling to China. In recent years, some programs jointly organized by RBA International and CPAFFC, such as “China-Japan-Korea Art Exchanges on Flower Arrangements”,  “China-Japan-Korea Exchanges on Fashion”, had become new platforms and brand projects for the countries to develop people-to-people exchanges activities, which achieved highly recognition among the countries. President Li hoped that RBA International could continue to work for the culture exchange of people-to-people between China and Japan, so as to enhance the feeling of the two peoples.

Chairman KUME NOBUHIRO thanked President Li and Vice President Hu for taking their time to meet the delegation. He said, a country could not exist in complete isolation like a man could not live in the world of isolation. Therefore, RBA International hoped to establish a platform to communicate and share experience with other persons by the culture exchange. RBA International will continue making efforts on the exchange of the two peoples with the support of President Li, and also hope to spread the friendly exchange to other countries.                               

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