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President Li Xiaolin Meets with California Governor Jerry Brown

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President Li Xiaolin of CPAFFC met with California Governor Jerry Brown on June 6. Governor Xu Qin of Hebei Province, Secretary General Zhu Haowen of Hebei Provincial Government, Chairman Robert Weisenmiller of California Energy Commission and Chairwoman Mary Nichols of California Air Resources Commission also attended the meeting.

President Li Xiaolin extended her welcome to Governor Brown. She said, as an old friend of the Chinese people, Governor Brown made positive contributions to China-U.S. subnational exchanges and cooperation. She also hoped Governor Brown exerts his influence in the United States to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples and further promote healthy and steady development of China-U.S. relations.

Governor Xu Qin said, California is the largest state in the U.S., and an economic powerhouse. There is huge potential for cooperation between Hebei and California. Hebei wishes to strengthen its cooperation with California in high-tech industry, clean energy, low-carbon development and environmental protection, climate governance, education, tourism and culture, bringing about benefits to people of both sides.

Governor Brown said, the U.S. and China has more consensus than differences. Although the two countries have different culture, history and political institutions, they coexist on the same planet and can maintain cooperation in areas such as trade and economics and response to climate change. The relationship between the U.S. and China, and between California and Chinese provinces are now operating on the right track, which, with concerted efforts of both sides, will continue to grow.

Governor Jerry Brown was invited by the CPAFFC to visit China from June 3 to 8. It is his second trip to China as California Governor.

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