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Vice present Hu Sishe Meets with Mr.Yukio Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan

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Vice present Hu Sishe met with former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr.Yukio Hatoyama in the afternoon on March 27 in Kyoto, while attending three events including the large-scale relics touring exhibition: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected over Three Millennia, Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy Masterpieces Exhibition, and Memorial Exhibition for Premier Zhou Enlai.

At first, Vice President Hu Sishe conveyed President Li Xiaolin’s greetings to Mr.Yukio Hatoyama, and gave sincere appreciation for the support that Mr. Yukio Hatoyama gave to the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). Also, Mr.Hu Sishe said that China and Japan are geographically close while sharing the culture and history traced from the same origin, which makes the friendship between China and Japan last over 2000 years. This time, while holding activities at Kyoto, a place that connected tightly with Chinese culture, it is no doubt that these events will deepen further cooperation and communication in the cultural sector for China and Japan.  

Mr. Hatoyama has always been showing his concern on the cultural exchanges and fusion in the East Asian area. He said that China and Japan share culture that traced from the same origin, in another words, Japanese culture rooted in China. Culture, is one of the most significant topics in this era. We are now living in a society where commercialization and information developed rapidly, it is meaningful for people to discover the depth of culture and the worth of the classics. For these exhibitions held by CPAFFC, it is not only significant for the cultural exchanges between China and Japan, but also significant for showing modern people the beauty of history. Mr. Hatoyama hoped that more excellent exhibitions like these will be held in Japan. While the culture is connecting Japan and China together, there is going to be more cooperation, and less divergence, letting more love and peace blending into the communication between China and Japan.    

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