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President Meets with Joint Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs of India

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On March 17th, President Li Xiaolin met with Mr.  Gautam Bambawale, Joint Secretary (East Asia) of Ministry of External Affairs of India.

President Li Xiaolin extended her welcome to Mr. Bambawale, and thanked the related Indian personages including Mr. Bambawale for their efforts to facilitate the establishment of the first batch of China-Indian Friendship cities.  President Li briefed the fruitful results of the exchanges after Beijing, Chengdu and Kunming established the friendship-city ties with their counterparts in India since last October. She wished the signing of the agreements on the establishment of the second lot of the friendship cities between China and India could be realized during the exchange visits of the national leaders of the two countries. At the same time,she suggested the both sides to strengthen the exchanges between the local governments, hold “Forum for China-India Governors”, “Cooperation Forum for Bangladesh-China-India Local Governments” and other series events, coordinating with the high-level visits. This year is the 60th anniversary of the declaration of Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence raised by China, India and Myanmar. A grand commemorative activity will be held in China this June. She hopes the Indian national leaders to attend the activity. Besides, this year is also the 60th anniversary of the establishment of CPAFFC, and the CPAFFC is willing to invite Dr. Kotnis’s relatives to attend the celebrating conference in this May. And it will be appreciated if the Indian Embassy can offer their assistance.

Mr. Bambawale thanked President Li for finding time for the meeting from her tight schedule. He fully recognized the function that the China-India friendship cities had taken in fields of deepening the cooperation of local governments and enhancing the people’s friendship. He also extended his agreement and welcome to the suggestions President Li proposed. He wished to keep close cooperation with the CPAFFC and continuously promote the establishment of friendship-cities ties and exchanges of local government for China and Indian cities. He expressed that the Indian General Election was going to take place in this May, and the formation of the cabinet would last to this June, in that case, inviting the Indian national leaders to attend the commemorative activity in this June would be technically difficult, however, the Indian side would strive to facilitate the national attendance.

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