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Secretary General Li Xikui Meets with President of Dassault Falcon Company

Time:2014-03-11Editor:Wang DakunResource:Commission for Economic Cooperation of CIFCAPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

In the morning of March 11th , 2014, Mr. Li Xikui, CPAFFC Secretary General met with Mr. Jean Rosanvallon, CEO of Dassault Falcon Company, Mr. Jean-Michael, Senior VP of International Sales Department, Mr. Olivier DeLapeyriere, Mr. Dror Kohn, Director of DStone Ltd. in Israel, Mr. Yair Bar, VP of DStone Ltd.

Secretary-General Li Xikui briefed the history and recent work of the CPAFFC, and emphasized on the general aviation industry project co-operated by Commission for Economic Cooperation of CPAFFC, Sinowing (Beijing) General Aviation Investment Management Center and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone. He expressed that, with the development of economy, China was going to face fast increase of demands on personnels and logistics. The general aviation project not only met the Chinese general development strategy, but also received great support from the central government. The local governments also showed great enthusiasm on such new type of industry. This project was full of potential. It was expected that the both sides could accomplish the project at international and demonstrative standard.

Mr. Jean Rosanvallon thanked the CPAFFC’s reception, and introduced the status of Dassault Falcon company. Dassault Falcon included all the falcon projects and business jet projects of Dassault Group. So far, there had been more than 2000 falcons served around more than 80 countries in the world. He said, general aviation industry was at its beginning stage in China, and he was optimistic about the Chinese market and this opportunity for cooperation.

The person in charge of Sinowing (Beijing) Genersal Aviation Investment Management Center described the basic status of the systematic projects of general aviation, and discussed with Dassault Falcon on the direction and steps of the cooperation of the both sides. Mr. Jean Rosanvallon expressed his interest on the project. He would make a further report to the board after he returned to France, and wished the cooperation a success.

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