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President Li Xiaolin met the Australian ambassador Mrs. Sun Frances Adamson

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Madam Li Xiaolin,President of the Chinese People''s Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries(CPAFEC), met with Mrs. Frances Adamson, Australian Ambassador to China in the auditorium of CPAFEC at 3pm, Jun 15th. .

Madam Li said,this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia, and our association would like to hold a reception in celebration of the anniversary together with Australian Embassy. The reception is expected to held in December and I wish there will be high-level visit from Australia to China by that time and members of the visiting delegation could attend the reception. Besides, we wish to invite several delegations and friendly groups from Australia to visit China this year. Any support and cooperation from Australian Embassy will be highly appreciated.

Ambassador Frances Adamson responded that there have been frequent cultural exchanges between China and Australia at various levels, including those between state leaders, NGOs, provincial and municipal governments, as well as schools and research institutions. This has been a great phenomenon. Australian Embassy appreciates the great efforts CPAFFC has made to promote our people-to-people friendship through all these years, and understands the huge workloads behind the scene. The Embassy would like to support and contribute to CPAFFC''s friendly work towards Australia, especially regarding the 40th anniversary celebration activities.

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