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Vice-President Jing Dunquan Attends the Chinese Premiere Ceremony of the Czech Animation The Mole

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the Czech first lady addresses the premiere ceremony

At 16:00, July 13th, Jing Dunquan, the vice-president of the CPAFFC were attended the Premiere Ceremony of the classic Czech animation, The Mole, in CCTV. Her excellency Livia Klausová, the first lady of Czech Republic, Karolína Milerová, the granddaughter of Zdeněk Miler, the author of The Mole and the president of council of Zdeněk Miler Foundation, Petr Dvorák, the director-general of Czech National TV,  Jan Kohout, the president of Czech China Chamber of Collaboration, H.E.Mr.Libor Secka, the ambassador of Czech Embassy in China were present.

vice-president Jing Dunquan addresses the premier ceremony

In his address, Vice-President Jing Dunquan said, The Mole was known by everybody in China. This animation had interesting stories, beautiful pictures, humorous content and meaningful connotation. It not only had accompanied generations of the Chinese children to grow, but also attracted innumerous adults. The little mole''''s life interest, spirit of helping others and sparks of wisdom, delivered the Czech people’s friendship, wisdom and love for peace. 

grand daughter of the author of The Mole addresses the premier ceremony

This time, the appearance of The Mole on the Chinese screen is credited to the continuous efforts of the CPAFFC and its partner Czech China Chamber of Collaboration, which will enable the Chinese children to review the smile and warmth brought by the Czech little mole in this coming summer vacation.

From the afternoon of July 13th, The Mole will be daily presented on CCTV Synthetic Channel at 16:45. The honest and kind little mole will accompany the children to spend this hot summer.

the premier ceremony

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