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China-Africa Friendship Award

China-Africa Friendship Award

Distance cannot separate true friends who feel so close even when they are thousands of miles apart. Despite a long distance, China and Africa have a long history of friendship. In the new era, forging a new type of strategic partnership, China and Africa deepen the all-round exchanges and cooperation, which starts a new chapter of China-Africa friendship.
To promote China-Africa friendship
To encourage more people to devote themselves to the cause of China-Africa friendship
To consolidate and further China-Africa friendship and cooperation
The China-Africa Friendship Award was set up by the CAPFA in 2006 during Beijing Summit and 3rd Ministerial Conference of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. The award is given to the Chinese and African individuals, enterprises or organizations that have been long engaged and made outstanding achievements in China-Africa friendship, so as to set up models in China-Africa friendly exchanges and further develop the traditional China-Africa friendship and the brotherhood between the peoples.
It is expected that by commending those who have made outstanding achievements in China-Africa friendly exchanges through this award, more people from all walks of life will be attracted to the cause of China-Africa friendship, and that this friendship will go deeper in the hearts of the Chinese and African people.

Winners of the 1st China-Africa Friendship Award
Ten Chinese Who Deeply Moved the African People

Mdm. Li Li
Head of zhongken Farm in Zambia

Mr. Huang Zequan
Vice President of CAPFA
Vice President of the Chinese Research Society of African Affairs
Former senior journalist of People''s Daily

Mr. Liang Yinzhu
Former Chinese Ambassador to Namibia

Mdm. Li Yayuan
First-Grade Choreographer-Director of the China National Oriental Song & Dance Ensemble

Mr. Jin Hui
Former Deputy Director General of the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Railways

Mdm. Ge Jie
Former Director of the Institute of West Asian and African Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Mdm. Sun Meifang
Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Gynecology, Shanghai No.8 People''s Hospital

Mr. Lu Chunming
General Manager of Beijing Holley-Cotec Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hao Yizhong
Deputy General Manager of China Civil Engineering Corporation

Mr. Peng Feng
Staff of UN peacekeeping missions

The 2nd China-Africa Friendship Award
Ten Chinese Who Deeply Moved the African People

Mr. Liu Guijin
Special Representative of the Chinese Government for African Affairs
Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Darfur
Former Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa
Mr. Ding Bangying
Chief of China Radio International Africa Headquarters
Mr. Gan Lianxi
Head of the 20th Chinese Medical Aid Team for Tanzania
Chief Physician of Zaozhuang City Hospital, Shandong Province
Mr. Luo Hong
Board Chairman and President of Beijing Holiland Corporation Investment and Management Ltd.
Founder of the Luohong Environmental Protection Foundation, United Nations Environment Program
Ms. Feng Ai
Leader of the 1st Chinese Youth Volunteer Service & Aid Team for Ethiopia
PH.D. Candidate of the Economic Institute of Fudan University
Mr. Yin Jianqing
Agricultural Expert Sent to Nigeria by Chinese Government
Senior Agronomist of Agriculture Bureau, Fuyuan County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province
Mr. Liu Hongwu
Director of Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang Normal University
Director of Center of African Studies, Yunnan University
Mr. Zhang Yong
Commander of the 1st and 3rd Chinese Peacekeeping Transportation Contingents to United Nations Mission in Sudan.
Deputy Director of a Certain Department of PLA Jinan Military Command
Mr. Chen Xiaoxing
Chairman of Lekki Free Zone Development Company, Nigeria
Vice President of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
Mr. He Liehui
President and General Manager of Touchroad International Holdings Group

Five African People Who Deeply Moved the Chinese People

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
First President of the Republic of Zambia
Former Chairman of the United National Independence Party, Zambia
Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim
Former Secretary-General of the Organization of African Unity
Former Premier of the United Republic of Tanzania
Mr. Yusuf Waly
President of the Egypt-China Friendship Association
Former Vice Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Mr. Alfred Sesay
President of the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Association
Former Minister of Land and Resources of the Republic of Sierra Leone
Mr. Vital Balla
President of the Congolese Association of Friendship among the Peoples
Chairman of Non-governmental Organization League of the Republic of the Congo

The 3rd China-Africa Friendship Award
Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa

China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Gezhouba(Group) Corporation
China Road & Bridge Corporation
Touchroad International Holdings Group
China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation
Sinohydro Corporation
China Railway Group Limited
Haier Group
Beijing Holley-Cotec Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.


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