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China-Latin America and Caribbean Friendship Association


The China-Latin America and Caribbean Friendship Association (CHILAC) was founded on March 16, 1960 under the initiative of 15 organizations such as the All China Federation of Trade Unions, All China Youth Federation, All China Women’s Federation, Chinese People’s Committee for World Peace, the Chinese People’s Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Writers Association, All-China Journalists Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, All-China Sports Federation, Red Cross Society of China, China Political and Juristic Science Association, Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, Association For ScienceTechnology of People’s Republic of China, Chinese Medical Association, etc.
The CHILACFA aims to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese people and the people in Latin American and the Caribbean, expanding bilateral exchanges and cooperation and promoting common development. Mr. Chu Tunari, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, was the first President of the CHILACFA, Mr. Cheng Siwei, Former Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, is the current President.  Our main tasks are:
To receive visiting groups from various sectors of Latin America and Caribbean and send delegations to visit the region in order to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between both sides.
To promote exchanges and cooperation between the local governments of China and the Latin America and the Caribbeangive boost to the establishment and development of sister province/city relations between the localities of China and their foreign counterparts.  To organize different kinds of seminars of non-governmental nature on China and Latin America and the Caribbean in order to deal with issues of common interest. To carry out public welfare activities for the benefit of social development, together with friendly-to-China organizations in the Latin America and the Caribbean. As the Secretariat of CHILAFA, the Latin American & Caribbean Division of the Department of American & Oceanian Affairs of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is responsible for its daily work.
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