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The Chinese-Arab Friendship Association


Initiated by the CPAFFC, the Chinese-Arab Friendship Association (CAFA) was founded on 21 December 2011 approved by the State Council of China. The President of CAFA is H.E. Mr. Tumur Dawamat, Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the 8th and 9th National People’s Congress. The CAFA is a nation-wide people-to-people organization engaged in friendship exchanges with Arab countries. The purposes of CAFA include enhancing understanding and friendship between Chinese and Arab people, promoting friendly relations between China and Arab countries, deepening Chinese-Arab cooperation in various fields on mutual benefit and safeguarding regional and world peace. The political, economy & trade and cultural committees are set up under CAFA, which consist of members from all walks of life in China, including government officials, diplomats, Islamic scholars, journalists, experts and entrepreneurs. The CAFA has established links with friendship organizations in most Arab countries.

The main tasks of CAFA are as follows:
1. Arrange visits to China for friendship organizations, societies and personages of Arab countries;
2. Organize delegations for visits to Arab countries;
3. Hold receptions (e.g. for commemoration of establishing diplomatic relations), academic workshops, briefings, economy & trade seminars and other conferences;
4. Coordinate and oversee the development of friendship-city relations between Chinese localities and counterparts in other countries;
5. Conduct nongovernmental cultural exchanges with Arab countries by dispatching art troupes or hosting cultural groups and individuals in China and sponsoring performances or exhibitions.



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