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2019 China-CEEC Mayors Forum Held in Ningbo

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On June 7th, 2019 China-CEEC Mayors Forum, co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the People’s Government of Ningbo City, was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of “new concept for new development”, the forum invited the leaders of local governments from China and CEEC, CEEC envoys in China, representatives from industry and commerce, academy, and media to be present.

Group Photo

Before the meeting, Mr. Qiu Dongyao, the deputy secretary of CPC Ningbo City Committee and mayor of Ningbo City, Mr. Song Jingwu, vice president of CPAFFC, commonly met with the representatives of China and foreign guests.
Mr. Li Guanding, vice mayor of Ningbo City, presided at the opening ceremony of the forum. Mr. Song Jingwu, vice president of CPAFFC, H.E. Filip Vujanovi, Honorary President of Montenegro, Mme. Liu Yuli, Counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr. Qiu Dongyao, mayor of Ningbo City, respectively delivered speeches.

Vice President Song Jingwu said, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and also marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and CEEC as well as the 70th anniversary of the continuously deepening cooperation between China and CEEC. We would continue working together with CEEC in next 70 years to broaden the space to cooperate and strengthen the friendship between China and CEEC, so as to benefit to the people and make more contributions to promoting the cooperation between China and European countries and the world peace. Greece has become new member of China and CEEC trade and economic cooperation in April this year, and “16+1” cooperation also upgraded to “17+1” cooperation, which fully showed that China and CEEC trade and economic cooperation has become a trans-regional platform featuring openness, inclusiveness and win-win outcomes rather than a simple geographical category. It also played more important role in promoting economic growth, enhancing the well-being of the public and the development of China and CEEC relationship.

CPAFFC Vice President Song Jingwu delivers a speech

Filip Vujanovi said in his speech that, the cooperation between Montenegro and China shows positive signs and has achieved great results in the fields of major infrastructure construction, education, technology and etc.. Counselor Liu Yuli put forward and exchanged views on how to develop “17+1” cooperation, promote Belt and Road cooperation, deepen humanity and culture exchanges and find new areas of cooperation. Qiu Dongyao, mayor of Ningbo City, made a clear and vivid introduction about Ningbo City and described the broad prospects of the local cooperation between China and CEEC from the views of the economy and trade, investment, innovation, humanity and culture.

In the first part of the forum, the former Chinese ambassadors to CEEC and the leader of China and Czech Friendship Association reviewed the traditional friendship between China and CEEC together with Emil Boc, former Prime Minister of Romania through interview. They shared the beautiful stories at work and showed the old photos with precious significance.


from left to right:Host、Wang Tieshan, former Chinese Consul General to Constana, Romania、Emil Boc, former Prime Minister of Romania and Mayor of Cluj-Napoca、Xu Jian, former Chinese ambassador to Poland、Zhu Zushou, former Chinese ambassador to Hungary、Wang Peng, vice president of China and Czech Friendship Association

In the second part, eight governors and mayors from China and CEEC made addresses on “new concept for new development, promoting high-quality development of cities and made introduction about the cities they represent.

On behalf of the organizers, Vice President Song Jingwu made a summary and emphasized that the forum played a role in deepening understanding, building more consensus and promoting cooperation.





Photographed by Sun Jiao

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