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Vice President Xie Yuan Attends 2019 Forum on Chinese-American Civilian Diplomacy

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Vice President Xie Yuan attended and delivered a key-note speech at the 2019 Forum on Chinese-American Civilian Diplomacy, co-organized by Shanghai Institute of American Studies, Institute of International Relations and Institute of History of SASS, and Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association, in Shanghai on April 9.

Vice President extended his congratulations to opening of the forum. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 40 years ago, China-US relations has continued to grow through trials and tribulations, achieving historical development. The maintenance of a sound China-US relations put at stake not only the well-being of Chinese and Americans, but also that of people all over the world. People-to-people diplomacy works on increasing people’s mutual understanding and trust, highlighting interactive friendship which surpasses realistic political and economic interests. Thus it adds elements of stability into the relationship between states. When bilateral relations are met with difficulties, it is urgently needed to enrich the content, expand the horizon and innovate the means of people-to-people diplomacy, bringing new vigor and vitality into people-to-people diplomacy in a new era.





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