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CPAFFC Secretary-General Li Xikui Attends Opening Ceremony of Happy Spring Festival 2019 Cultural Temple Fair in Hong Kong with the Theme of Mountainous Parks Province·Colorful Guizhou

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Happy Spring Festival 2019 Cultural Temple Fair in Hong Kong with the Theme of Mountainous Parks Province · Colorful Guizhou, co-hosted by China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development (CFFPD), China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles (CFACC), the Information Office of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government (IOGPPG), Asia Tourism Exchange Center (ATEC) and Hong Kong United Arts Development Centre Co., Ltd. (HKUADC), was held in Shatin Park in Hong Kong on February 16.

Mr. Li Xikui, Secretary-General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and Director of CFFPD, Mr. Yang Jian, Deputy Director General of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mr. Mu Degui, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Director General of Publicity Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Mr. Bai Bing, Council Member of CFACC, Ms. Michelle LI Mei-sheung, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services of HKSAR, Mr. WONG Chi Cho, Joe, Jp, Director of Tourism Commission of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch and other 500 guests and local residents attended the opening ceremony.


Secretary-General Li Xikui said in his speech, the Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China and also a common festival for the Mainland and Hong Kong to celebrate. It combines most profound feelings of the Chinese people. This time, we took fine cultural products from Guizhou province which enjoys the reputation of the culture, wine, song and dance to Hong Kong, and hoped to show the original folk cultures and the colorful minority cultures to Hong Kong compatriots, so as to make them experience the achievements China had made since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago.

Director Michelle LI Mei-sheung said, this temple fair would make Hong Kong residents feel a charming Guizhou province from vision, hearing and taste, and enjoy the happiness and blessing. HKSAR has been working for promoting the cultural exchange between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and also expects to commonly develop through the temple fair.


Deputy Director General Yang Jian said, Guizhou province and Hong Kong have been maintaining a close relationship. He expected that this Cultural Temple Fair could make a more diverse, more various and more colorful Guizhou impression on Hong Kong citizens.

Director Mu Degui made an introduction about the economic and social development and the trade exchange between Guizhou province and Hong Kong. He believed that this temple fair could further strengthen the understanding and learning about Guizhou province and promote the exchanges and cooperation to a new level.


The temple fair takes " Mountainous Parks Province · Colorful Guizhou” as its theme and consists of six major sections, including “Original Guizhou- Guizhou Tourism Photography Exhibition”, “Colorful Guizhou-Minority Performance”, “Charming Guizhou-Experiencing Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition”, “Interactive Guizhou-Seeing, Listening and Playing in Guizhou”, “ Treasures in Guizhou-Market from Mountains”, and Guizhou Happiness High-Speed Railway Experience Hall, covering snacks, minority performances, intangible culture heritage and etc..

The event will last three days. By way of exhibitions, performances and experiencing, Hong Kong compatriots could feel the culture, taste the food and enjoy the view from Guizhou without leaving home. They also could experience and learn about the differences between “sea” and “mountains”, “enthusiasm” and “freshness”, “fashion” and “simple”, “lively city” and “beautiful hometown”, “delicate cuisine” and “natural food”.






 Photographed by Zhu Rui, Chinese National Geography

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