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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Attends China-Cambodia Friendly Personages’ Meeting

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On January 21st, the China-Cambodia Friendly Personages’ Meeting hosted by CPAFFC was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, who’s on a formal visit to China, attended the meeting with Mme.Gu Xiulian, President of China-Cambodia Friendship Association (CCFA), CPAFFC Vice President Lin Yi and other 20 Chinese representatives from all fields.

Hun Sen said that it’s pleasure to meet each Chinese friends who had witnessed and promoted the Cambodia-China Friendship. At present, with the strategic guidance by the leaders from two countries, the Cambodia-China relations got strong  momentum. This visit was of special meaning to promote the bilateral cooperation which would benefit Cambodia’s development. Hun Sen said that the people-to-people friendship contributed to the government-to-government relations and hoped that the two countries’ friendship associations would made continuous communications and cooperation to enhance the friendship and understanding between the two peoples.
Gu Xiulian thanked Hun Sen for meeting the Chinese delegates and congratulated him for leading the Cambodian People’s Party to win the election last year and re-electing the Prime Minister. Gu Xiulian said that the China-Cambodia traditional friendship cultivated by Chairman Mao Zedong, Primer Zhou Enlai and King Father Sihanouk was deeply rooted and the two countries witnessed frequent high-level exchanges in recently years. It is with strong belief that Prime Minister’s visit would boost the bilateral relations. Gu Xiulian said that CPAFFC and CCFA would keep the exchanges and cooperation with Cambodia-China Friendship Association led by President EK Sam OL thus to further strengthen the bilateral relations.
Mr. Pan Guangxue, Former Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Mr.Gu Jun, Senior Engineer of China Research Institute of Cultural Relics and Mr.Cao Xunchang, team leader of the 2016 Chinese volunteers service team to Cambodia delivered the speech during the meeting respectively. Mr.Wang Wentian, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia was present at the meeting.







Photographed by Ren Xin 

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