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Secretary General Li Xikui Attends Closing Ceremony of 9th Formula Student China

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Mr. Li Xikui, Secretary General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(CPAFFC), attended the closing ceremony of 9th Formula Student China on October 13th, and awarded the winners.




China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development (CFFPD) donated to Xiamen University of Technology and Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology. Secretary General Li Xikui attended the donation ceremony. He said, the aims of the donation are to train more automobile talents, give college students a lot support in realizing automobile dreams and promote the development of automobile industry. He hoped that this time, these college students take part in the Formula Student China as participants; tomorrow, they would be promoters of automobile industry, and in future, they would be contibutiors of national development. At last, Secretary General Li wished the college students a better result in future.
The 9th Formula Student China was donated and developed by the Automobile Talents Development Fund (ATDF) from CFFPD. The aims of this ATDF are to donate and support the training of the Chinese automobile talents and the exchanges and cooperation of China automobile industy with foreign countries.









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