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Vice President Xie Yuan Attends Michigan-China Friendship Banquet

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Vice President Xie Yuan attended Michigan-China Friendship Banquet hosted by the State Government of Michigan in Shanghai on September 21. On behalf of the CPAFFC, he awarded the honorary title of Friendship Ambassador to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during the event.

Vice President expressed his sincere gratitude and respect to Governor Snyder for his active efforts in promoting the development of China-U.S. relations, especially sub-national exchanges and cooperation. He said, since assuming office in 2011, Governor Snyder had been visiting China on an annual basis, setting a record among U.S. Governors, in terms of both times and frequency. It had exemplified the great resolve he had in developing ties with China and the confidence he had in China-U.S. relations. The honorary title of Friendship Ambassador was awarded to Governor Snyder as a recognition to his contributions to China-U.S. friendship.

Governor Snyder thanked the CPAFFC for honoring him with the title of Friendship Ambassador. He said U.S.-China has its ups and downs, but we should focus on the long-term effects instead of short-term. The best way to promote our bilateral relations was to show the Federal our good will, friendship and all the benefits it has brought about to our people at the sub-national level. In the past 8 years, Michigan had been doing a great job in its economic recovery. The relationship with China was one of the most important factor in Michigan’s return to being great again. He also hoped to strengthen business, education, culture and tourism cooperation with Chinese localities, especially enhancing people-to-people connections so that both sides could continue to grow and prosper together.





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