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State Councilor Wang Yi Attends the Celebration Reception for the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Cambodia

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 On July 18th, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the celebration reception co-hosted by the CPAFFC and the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to China for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia  . Wang Yi and the Cambodian ambassador, Mme. Khek M Caimealy, both spoke at the reception. Up to 300 people attended the event, including President EK Sam OL of Cambodia-China Friendship Association, President Li Xiaolin and Vice President Lin Yi of CPAFFC, friendly personnels of all trades from both nations, and foreign diplomatic envoys to China. Li Xiaolin hosted the reception.

Wang Yi said that China and Cambodia go through thick and thin together as great neighbors, friends, partners, and brothers. Constructed by the older generation of leaders, the two nations’ legacy of traditional friendship grows stronger with time. In the past 60 years, both sides adhered to leadership directions, deepened pragmatic cooperation, increased coordination on regional and international issues, and promoted the further development of China and Cambodia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation . Wang Yi pointed out that, at the new starting point of history, China is willing to advance strategic coordination, quicken the construction of major projects and the implementation of humanitarian aid, and build a strategically important community of shared future with Cambodia. Wang Yi stressed that the two countries’ relationship can’t progress without the effort of both countries’ people-to-people friendly personages. Thus he hoped for greater effort from both nations’ friendship associations to build a firmer foundation of public opinion for bilateral relations.

Mme. Khek M Caimealy noted that the last 60 years have witnessed the unceasing growth of China and Cambodia’s friendship. The two nations have full-heartedly supported and cooperated with one another in each’s process of defending state sovereignty and territorial integrity. In recent years, various stratum of the two nations frequently exchanged visits; collaborations in skills including agriculture, energy, telecommunication, transportation, infrastructure, information and communication rapidly developed; exchanges of culture and tourism remained vibrant; and the two’s bilateral strategic partnership continued to proceed forward. Mme. Caimealy voiced that Cambodia thanks China’s contribution in protecting regional and global peace, stability, and safety. Cambodia also strongly supports initiatives proposed by China including “One Belt One Road”, Silk Road Fund, and AIIB. Furthermore, Cambodia wishes to continue the long standing cooperative and friendly neighboring ties, and deepen the two nations’ bilateral strategic partnership.
 At the reception, the Cambodian Royal Ballet Troupe and Chinese artists shared the stage in delivering wonderful performances.




Photographed by Ren Xin    

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