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China (Xing County) International Symposium on Poverty Relief Successfully Held in Xing County, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province

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China (Xing County) International Symposium on Poverty Relief and its side events, co-hosted by the CPAFFC and Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, were successfully held in Xing County, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province from June 27 to 28, 2018. CPAFFC President Li Xiaolin and Vice Governor of Shanxi Province Chen Yongqi attended the symposium. Jamaican Ambassador to China Antonia Hugh and over 160 guests from embassies, international organizations and multinational corporations of 16 countries also participated in the symposium. CPAFFC Vice President Xie Yuan and Secretary General Li Xikui attended relevant events respectively.

The theme of the symposium is “A Bridge of Friendship and Cooperation, Joining Hands to Facilitate International Poverty Reduction”. It aims to build a platform for Chinese and overseas communities to discuss poverty alleviation, promote international exchanges and cooperation on poverty alleviation, showcase Xing County to the world, and provide strong support for the poverty-stricken areas to achieve poverty-reduction goals at an early date.

In her speech at the opening ceremony, CPAFFC President Li Xiaolin said that it is the common mission of human society to eliminate poverty. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made poverty alleviation a key task in achieving the first centenary goal to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the time the CPC marks its centenary. China has made decisive progress in poverty alleviation, offering China’s wisdom and China’s approach to achieve global poverty reduction. Targeted poverty alleviation was identified by the 19th CPC National Congress as one of the three tough battles that China must win to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. New deployment has also been made. As required by the CPC Central Committee, the CPAFFC carried out targeted poverty alleviation work in Xing County, and implemented a series of poverty alleviation projects. The CPAFFC would take this symposium as an opportunity to share experiences in poverty alleviation, bring together resources from all walks of life both at home and abroad, and contribute to the poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas at an early date. Vice Governor Chen Yongqi said that Shanxi Province implemented the decisions and policies of the CPC Central Committee, and fully carried out the “Eight Major Projects” and “Twenty Actions” of poverty alleviation. In the past five years, 2.75 million people had been lifted out of poverty, and the poverty headcount ratio had dropped from 13.6% to less than 3.9%. Shanxi Province would strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in strategic emerging industries such as new technologies, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and high-end equipment manufacturing. Ambassador Antonia Hugh said in his speech that poverty is a development issue as well as a global issue. He expressed his appreciation for China’s determination to declare war on poverty. He believed that under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China's development would bring more opportunities for global poverty reduction. The symposium was chaired by CPAFFC Secretary General Li Xikui.




The letter of intent on poverty relief programs signing ceremony between international organizations (enterprises) and Xing County and donation ceremony were held at the opening ceremony. The CPAFFC, the OSI Group, Prologis, Essilor Vision Foundation, BBCI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and other organizations and enterprises sighed strategic cooperation agreement on poverty alleviation with Xing County People’s Government. Qualcomm, VISA Inc., AstraZeneca, United Technologies Corporation, and Rongbaozhai Company and other enterprises donated student computers, school bags, youth STEM incubation spaces and cultural products to the Xing County People's Government.





During the main conference, Liu Zhijie, Director General of Shanxi Poverty Alleviation and Development Office, Li Zhengyin, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Lvliang City Committee, Liang Zhifeng, Secretary of the CPC Xing County Committee, Aicha Mokdahi, President of Essilor Vision Foundation, Kitamura Tomoo, Director of Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Beijing, Li Fei, Vice President for Government Relations, United Technologies China, Guo Tao, Vice Chairman of Qualcomm, and other representatives from local governments, international organizations and enterprises, delivered speeches respectively on international poverty alleviation cooperation.





The seminar on targeted poverty alleviation work by CPAFFC was held on the afternoon of June 27. Li Xiaolin attended and addressed the seminar. She said that the CPAFFC attached great importance to targeted poverty alleviation and has repeatedly studied and deployed relevant work. By mobilizing all parties, integrating Chinese and overseas resources and dispatching outstanding officials to work in the poverty-stricken areas, the CPAFFC implemented a series of effective projects. In order to further strengthen the targeted poverty alleviation work, the association held China (Xing County) International Symposium on Poverty Relief, so as to bring supports at home and abroad, especially the advanced development concepts and scientific management experiences, to Xing County. The next step is to strengthen the study on theories and policies on poverty alleviation, take Xi Jingping’s thought on targeted poverty alleviation as guidance on practices, enhance the relationship with the people of Xing County, strengthen the ties between the local leaders and the people in difficulty, increase researches on poverty alleviation, and further strengthen communication and coordination with the Xing County People’s Government. At the seminar, senior officials of Lvliang City and Xing County introduced the poverty alleviation work at the city and county levels. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on continuing to strengthen communication and collaboration and promote effective cooperation.






In the afternoon, CPAFFC Vice President Xie Yuan led a working team and went for a study tour to Shahao Village of Caijiaya Town, Xing County, where a CPAFFC official worked as First Secretary of the poverty-stricken village. The team discussed with the cadres of the CPC Shahao Village Committee, called on villagers Wang Pinggang, Liu Yingsheng and Liu Xiying, and visit the construction site of Shahao farm. The team also visited Jinsui Border Revolution Museum and said that they would inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit and the spirit of Jinsui, to make new achievements in poverty alleviation.





In the meanwhile, CPAFFC Secretary General Li Xikui and over 100 participants of the symposium visited the key poverty alleviation projects in Xing County. The group visited Zhangjialiang ecological poverty alleviation project in Caijiaya Town. They visited Xing County E-Commerse Public Service Center and Qingquan Vinegar Company in Kangning Agricultural Park, to learn about the quality, online sales of the specialty products such as millet, dates, walnuts and vinegar and the effect to reduce poverty. The group also went to Division 120 School to learn about the schooling situation of the left-behind children and poor students in Xing County, and unveiled the youth STEM incubation space donated by United Technologies Corporation.




On the morning of June 28, CPC Lvliang City Committee and Lvliang City People’s Government hosted the poverty relief promotion conference. Relevant government officials marketed local agricultural specialties, such as minor coarse cereals, dates and walnuts. More than 40 kinds of products from over 20 agricultural enterprises were displayed. 112 industrial projects with a total investment of 94 billion yuan were also presented. Chinese and overseas representatives enthusiastically discussed cooperation intentions with the heads of local enterprises .




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