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The Seminar on The Practice of Marxism in China Held in Brussels Successfully

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The Seminar on The Practice of Marxism in China , and the  activities to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth,  which were co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign countries (CPAFFC) and Belgium-China Friendship Association (BCFA), were held successfully in Brussels, capital of Belgium, on the morning of May, 5th. Over 100 personages including the experts and the scholars from Belgium, France, Swiss and China, attended the seminar. Mr. Song Jingwu, Vice President of CPAFFC, Mr. Hans VAN DUYSEN, Chairman of BCFA, Mr. Zhang Chi, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, attended the seminar and delivered speeches respectively.

Vice President Song Jingwu said that Chinese President Xi Jinping closely connected with the conditions and practical requirements in a new era to propose series of new governance concepts, thoughts and strategies with pioneering significance and to establish Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, which fundamentally directed the Party and the country to attain revolutionary achievements and revolutionary changes. Furthermore, another new great leap in Marxism with Chinese characteristics had been achieved, which would direct the Chinese people to realize national rejuvenation.

The experts and the scholars from different countries had an in-depth discussion on Marxism’s influence on China and the theoretical sources between the Marxism and the series of new thoughts including a community with a shared future for humanity, the Belt and Road Initiative, socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and etc.. Attendees all considered that Chinese President Xi Jinping has scientifically combined the fundamental principles of Marxism with socialism with Chinese characteristics to develop Marxism, which produced greater influence on the world. BCFA Chairman Hans VAN DUYSEN said that despite the changing times, Marxism is never out of date. The western countries should introspect their own problems. China has opened up a development model that is different from the western countries and found a development path that is suitable for itself, which have attained remarkable achievements. We believed that the Chinese model would have capacity of helping the world to overcome the crises would possibly happen in future.
Journalists from over ten medias including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People’s Daily, JIEFANG Daily, China News Service and etc., made live interviews and reports.









 Photographed by Zuo Fengqiang


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