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Secretary General Li Xikui Attends Signing Ceremony of CFFPD’S Donation of Gamma Knife to Lalla Salma Foundation

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The signing ceremony that China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development (CFFPD) donated Gamma Knife to Lalla Salma Foundation was held in Beijing on February 7th , 2018.

Mr. Li Xikui, Secretary General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and Director of CFFPD, Mr. Cao Shudong, Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, Mme. Jia Ling, Secretary General of CFFPD, Mr. Meng Yanbin,Chairman of the Board of  China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (CIRC), Mme. Latifa ELAbida, Secretary General of Lalla Salma Foundation of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr. Mourad Layachi, Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to China, Mr.Khalil Mohammed, President of Morocco-China Friendship Association (MCFA) and other leaders, attended the signing ceremony.

Secretary General Li Xikui said in his speech that China and Morocco enjoy a long history of the friendly exchange. The bilateral relations have been keeping sustainable and healthy development. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Morocco. CPAFFC and CFFPD would take this donation as an opportunity to continue strengthening the exchanges and cooperation with Lalla Salma Foundation and MCFA to introduce relevant instruments into Morocco and put them into use as soon as possible so as to be beneficial to the tens of millions of people in Morocco and the people of other countries in Africa, implement the initiative proposed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping about the building of a community with a shared future for humanity, assist the people-to-people connectivity between China and Morocco, and make contributions to the charity and health care in Morocco and Africa.

Secretary General Latifa ELAbida appreciated CFFPD for its generous donation. She said, after the signing of the agreement of the Gamma Knife donation, the partnership between the two countries was further improved, which gave great support to the cause of humanism engaged by Lalla Salma Foundation. This donation would open up a new situation for the cooperation between the two countries and pave the way for the friendly cooperation of the two peoples. She also congratulated China on making great achievements in the fields of the economy, social, technique and etc., and hoped that China would be more prosperous and the friendship between China and Morocco would be passed from generation to generation.

During the activity, CFFPD Secretary General Jia Ling signed 《Donation Agreement》with Lalla Salma Foundation Secretary General Latifa ELAbida.

Lalla Salma Foundation was founded by Morocco princess Lalla Salma in the year of 2005. It dedicates to curing the cancer patients in Morocco, especially treating the child patients to recover.

The Gamma Knife donated this time is produced by MASEP Medical Science Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Its radioactivity source is supplied by China Isotope & Radiation Corporation. The Gamma Knife is high-end and large-sized medical facility with China’s independent production and its own independent intellectual property rights. It is worth about 20 million RMB. In future, it will serve as the second Gamma Knife in Morocco to provide the most advanced radiology diagnosis and treatment service for the tens of millions of people in the middle, eastern and southern area f Morocco.

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