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Secretary General Li Xikui Attends Signing Ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Between China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development and Beijing Enlai Foundation

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The signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation between China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development (CFFPD) and Beijing Enlai Foundation was held in Beijing on December 22th. Mr. Li Xikui, the Secretary General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the Director of CFFPD, Mme. Zhou Bingde, the founder and President of Beijing Enlai Foundation and nephew of the former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, Mme. Jia Ling, Secretary General of CFFPD, Mme. Wan Xuanrong, Supervisor of CFFPD, Mr. Shen Qing, Director of Beijing Enlai Foundation, Mr. Liu Youping, Deputy Secretary General of CHINA CHARITY ALLIANCE (CCA), attended the meeting.

Secretary General Li Xikui expressed welcome to Beijing Enlai Foundation delegation for its visiting and made an introduction about the main functions and duties of CPAFFC and CFFPD. He said that the signing of the agreement promoted the establishment of the close and deepen strategic cooperation partnership between CFFPD and Beijing Enlai Foundation concerning carrying forward and inheriting the spirit of Premier Zhou Enlai as well as pushing the cause of the charity for development in domestic and foreign countries. CPAFFC and CFFPD would provide more resources and opportunities for Beijing Enlai Foundation and make common efforts to develop the cooperation and exchanges between domestic and foreign countries in the field of charity.

Mme. Zhou Bingde said that the strategic cooperation between the two organizations should inherit the late wishes of the older generation of revolutionaries and carry forward the spirit of Zhou Enlai to develop the cooperation in the field of charity so as to promote the people-to-people diplomacy of China.

During the meeting, CFFPD Secretary General Jia Ling and Beijing Enlai Foundation Director Shen Qing signed 《Strategic Cooperation Agreement》.

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