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Vice President Xie Yuan Attends Dinner in Honor of Opening Ceremony of Peruvian Gastronomy Festival

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The Opening Ceremony of Peruvian Gastronomy Festival jointly organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), Peru-China Culture Association (PCCA), Peruvian Embassy in China and Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo (PROMPERú) was held in Beijing on November 1st, 2017. Mr. Xie Yuan, Vice President of CPAFFC, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Over 150 Chinese and Foreign guests including Mr. Juan Carlos Capunay Chavez, Ambassador of Peruvian Embassy in China, Mme. Teresa Hoo, Secretary General of PCCA and General Manager of Peru-China Chamber Commerce (PCCC), attended the dinner.

Vice President Xie Yuan said in his speech that, the bilateral relations had maintained long-term stable and healthy development, and also the people-to-people and culture exchanges had grown increasingly since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Peru 46 years before. The opening ceremony of Peruvian Gastronomy Festival today is another good example to indicate the friendly cooperation and closely exchange between the two countries. Peruvian culture is diversification and compatibility. In particular, Peruvian food culture is more famous in the world. From year 2012 to 2016, Peru had been selected as “Best Gastronomy Destination of the World” from “Travel Award of the World” for five consecutive years. The wisdom of Peruvian people was opened by gastronomy, which also make people across the world learn more about the compatibility of multi-culture.

Ambassador Juan Carlos Capunay Chavez and Secretary General Teresa Hoo expressed their appreciations respectively in their speeches for great support CPAFFC had given in organizing this activity and contributions it had made to promote the cultural exchange between the two countries for a long time.

This Gastronomy Festival would be held in Hilton in Beijing and in Sofitel in Xi’an for two weeks. Mr. Flavio Solorzano Alvarez, the famous chef from Peru, would provide Peruvian unique food for Chinese people who could experience a bite of Peru at close range.

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