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Vice President Hu Sishe Attends International Conference On India-China Cultural Resonance

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On November 3rd, 80th Anniversary of Cheena Bhavana, and 90th Anniversary of Prof. Tan Yunshan’s Arrival to India International Conference On India-China Cultural Resonance, co-hosted by CPAFFC, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Cheena Bhavana, Visva-Bharati(印度国际大学中国学院) and the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata was open at Santiniketan, India, where Cheena Bhavana, Visva-Bharati is located. As the specially invited cultural project, Visual Arts of China-the Chinese Folk Art Exhibition was unveiled the same day.

Hu Sishe, Vice President of CPAFFC, Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, Riva Ganguly Das, Director General of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and Swapan Dutta, Vice Chancellor of Visva-Bharati attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Tan Zhong, son of Tan Yunshan, with his family and other over 100 experts, scholars as well as people from press and culture circle attended the opening ceremony.

Vice President Hu Sishe delivered speech

Vice President Hu Sishe pointed out that China and India share many common grounds and experience similar development stage , which presents the ability for both sides to surmount the impediment of Mount Everest and pursue mutual understanding. This conference gathered experts and scholars from China and India, commemorating the efforts made by predecessors for friendship of two countries and conducting open dialogues on bilateral relations and topics concerned by two sides. The meaning of this conference is to promote understanding, build consensus and look into the future hand in hand.

Consul General Ma Zhanwu delivered speech

Consul General Ma Zhanwu spoke highly of this conference, which made a new record since the independence of India in terms of the number and level of experts, scholars and areas covered. Consul General Ma Zhanwu called for cooperation among experts, scholars, students and people from media of both countries on how to know each other objectively, learn from each other and resolve conflict together.

Director General Riva Ganguly Das held that China and India enjoys long-standing friendship and both sides are willing to conduct deeper exchanges and cooperation in the new era. Indian Council for Cultural Relations has committed to promote and support the people and cultural exchanges of two countries in a long term. She believed this conference has milestone significance in promoting cultural exchange between China and India and looked forward to more frequent and deeper cooperation in this area. Vice Chancellor Swapan Dutta said that under the guidance of great predecessor Rabindranath Tagore and Tan Yunshan, Visva-Bharati and its Cheena Bhavana will continue working on teaching and research and promoting mutual understanding and friendship between two peoples so as to make its own contribution for human peace and prosperity.

Vice President Hu Sishe presented Indian guests with latest Chinese books

After the opening ceremony, all participants, students and teachers from Visva-Bharati and local people visited Visual Arts of China-the Chinese Folk Art Exhibition and had face-to-face contacts with the artists. In the following two days, over 50 experts and scholars from Chinese universities and institutes will exchange ideas with Indian peers on culture, education, philosophy, media, bilateral relations, etc.. New books by Chinese scholars like Tan Zhong will be launched during the conference.

 Vice President Hu Sishe took photo with local audiences and artists

 Vice President Hu Sishe was interviewed by CCTV correspondent in India

Vice President Hu Sishe visited the Exhibition with Indian guests

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