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Vice President Hu Sishe Attends Commemoration of the 45TH Anniversary of the Normalization of Relations between China and Japan and Relative Cultural Events

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Mr.Hu Sishe, Vice President of the CPAFFC, attended the commemoration of the 45TH Anniversary of the Normalization of Relations between China and Japan and relative cultural events from May 1st to 5th in Japan, at the invitation of the NANAO Japan-China Friendship Society. He delivered a keynote speech themed with Strive for Progress in Peace and Friendship with Joint-efforts from Two Peoples in the commemoration conference, co-organized by the NANAO Japan-China Friendship Society, friendship societies in other cities, as well as personages in the field of politics and culture.

Vice President Hu pointed out that friendly exchanges had been the mainstream over the 2,000-year mutual exchange history between the two countries. He also introduced that the CPAFFC had played a significant role in promoting people-to-people diplomacy after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

He expressed his thanks to all the societies and personages presented, for their constant efforts to promote Sino-Japanese friendship cause in the face of ups and downs, which was the impetus for the development of the relations between the two countries. Also, he proposed three suggestions in regard to the bilateral local exchanges and youth exchanges. He called upon joint efforts from all friendly societies to build a better future for the two countries.

During his visit to Japan, Vice President Hu met with Mr. Tanimoto Masanori, governor of Ishikawa,Mr.Nakanishi Yoshiaki, vice-governor of Ishikawa, Mr.Katsumi Koga, honorary adviser of Japan-China Friendship Society of Ishikawa, Mr.KImoto Toshio, president of Japan-China Friendship Society of Ishikawa, Mr.Toyokazu Fushima, mayor of the city of Nanao, Mr.Takaso Hiroshi, president of Nanao city assembly, Mr.Masuhiro Izumiya, mayor of the city of Suzu, Mr.Akasaka Toshiaki, president of Suzu city assembly, Mr.Okada Jo, president of Japan-China Friendship Society of Nanao, Mr.Michizo Sanbai, p resident of Japan-China Friendship Society of Suzu, Mr.Skamoto Akira, president of Japan-China Friendship Society of Anamizu, and so on. He illustrated the status quo of China in area of politics, economy and culture. “Cooperation benefits us both while confrontation can only hurt”, he pointed out, Chinese development is an opportunity rather than an threat. Peaceful development, mutual benefit and win-win result between China and Japan was in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples, as well as the common aspiration of Asia and international community, he said.

Vice President Hu also presented a bouquet to the A Narrow Strip of Water Monument in Nanao, and paid his tribute to the Chinese labors, brought to Japan by force and died in ruthless oppression during the second World War. Meanwhile, he visited the family members of Mr.Sakamoto Misoji, the passed-away former Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, who was an old friend of the CPAFFC. He stated that the CPAFFC will consolidate the achievement and explore cooperation channels with its partners in north region. He also mentioned the intention to promote youth exchanges and local exchanges between the two sides.

The delegation led by Vice President Hu also took part in the SEIHAKU SAI festival, a traditional cultural event in Japan, which is enlisted as intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO.



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