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An opening ceremony of China-Japan calligraphic creations exhibition

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On March 27, 2017, An opening ceremony of China-Japan calligraphic creations exhibition was held in Kyoto, which arranged by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association. 


Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, Former Premier of Japan, Mr.Sishe Hu, Vice President of CPAFFC, Mr. Nakano Akira Senior Director of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, Mr. Gongda Yan, Dean of China Friendship Art Exchange Association,Mr.SHIRANRSH SHINYICHIROU, Director-general of Japan-China Society, Mr.KUISEKO HAKUJYU, famous of Japan calligrapher, some of calligraphy amateurs and also around over 200 guests were present the opening ceremony.

China-Japan calligraphic creations exhibition strengthens the cultural exchanges between China and Japan, and also develops friendly exchanges between China and Japan calligraphers. More than 100 pieces of exhibits were displayed this time, which belong to  the excellently calligraphers from China and Japan. Lots of calligraphic works were cited from the Analects and The Book of Rites. It shows the artistic charm in calligraphy, and also spreads the opinion of benevolence. Benevolence try to let people be good and be nice.From this calligraphic creations exhibition, it would promote cultural communication exchange between China and Japan, and strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Japanese.

China and Japan calligraphers participated a calligraphic meeting after the opening ceremony. Calligraphers created some calligraphic works in this meeting. Those calligraphic works reflected a good wish of continuous friendship between Chinese and Japanese. Also those calligraphic works stirred up wide appreciation among visitors. 

During the display period, a conversation between Japan and China artist was held in Kyoto, which about aesthetic value and cultural background of Chinese calligraphy. This conversation stirred up the wide concern among Japanese people.

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