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An Opening Ceremony of A Large-Scale Relics Touring Exhibition of Chinese Characters: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected Over Three Millennia Held in Kyoto

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To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations, the large-scale relics touring exhibition of Chinese characters: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected over Three Millennia was held in Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art on March 24. Mr.Hu Sishe, Vice President of Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(CPAFFC), Mr. Li Tianran, Chinese Consul General in Osaka, Mr. Yamauchi Shuji, Deputy Governor of Kyoto, Mr. Takeuchi Koichi, Permanent Member of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, Mr. Nakano Akira, Senior Director of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, Mr. Shiranish Shinyichirou, Director-General of Japan-China Society, Mr.Qi Gaoquan, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Cultural Relics of Shaanxi province, Mr.Shioe Kozo, Director of Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, and also, around 300 personages and amateurs  from cultural and business sectors from China and Japan attended the opening ceremony.


The exhibition of Chinese Characters: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected Over Three Millennia was host by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), Art Exhibition China (AEC), and China International Cultural Association (CICA). The exhibition was arranged by China Friendship International Art Exchange Association (CFIAEA) and Japan KOUZAN Fine-Arts Company (JKFAC). Over 114 pieces of exhibits from 17 relics and museum units of 6 provinces and cities in China were displayed this time. Among the 114 items, 22 pieces are ranked as national first-class cultural relics. 

Vice-President Hu Sishe said in his speech that, since the Touring Exhibition: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected Over Three Millennia started in Tokyo last October, the unique beauty of Chinese characters has attracted many visitors, and received favorable appraises from personages and amateurs from cultural sectors in both China and Japan. Data shows that around 88000 visitors came around during the 40-day exhibition period. We would say that the exhibition could be considered as a great event for Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges in recent years; also, it became as a “golden bridge” that helps to strengthen understanding and deepen friendship between China and Japan. The Touring Exhibition: A Legacy and Marvel Perfected Over Three Millennia was the first systematic relics exhibition of Chinese characters held in Japan. It is a powerful attempt using Chinese Characters as media for promoting friendship between China and Japan. The year of 2017 is the 45th anniversary to commemorate the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relationship. Also, Kyoto received the honor as the Culture City of East Asia in 2017. We believe that it is going to be a good opportunity to bring greater effect and gains for this event. This event is also going to be a significant and profound one during the history of Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges.              

Consul General Li Tianran said in his speech that, during the three thousand years of evolution, Chinese characters always retain its energy and spirit. For nearly two thousand years, China and Japan developed its own culture founded by Chinese characters, gradually becoming invisible East Asian spirit in the world cultural sector. The Japanese language which was originated from Chinese, made its way to enrich the Chinese language by adding more vocabularies and contents. Kyoto is one of the most friendly cities communicating with China. It is sure that this event can be a vital platform for strengthening mutual communication and friendship between China and Japan. China and Japan are geographically close, in this way, the friendship between these two countries is not only significant for them own, but also favorable for the whole region. Mr. Li said that this year is the 45th anniversary to commemorate the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relationship. The Chinese Consulate General in Osaka will organize series of relating communication activities this year, and hope personages from all fields can devote themselves for creating more platforms for communication.          

Mr. Takeuchi Koichi said in his speech that China and Japan share the culture of Chinese character, and it means a lot to both of them. The Chinese character is not only a symbol for language communication, but also as a tie that connecting the cultural communication between China, Japan, and other East Asian countries. Visual arts like calligraphy and seal cutting that were derived from Chinese characters are also favorable among folks from China, Japan, and other countries. He hoped that this exhibition can deepen Japanese people’s understanding and fondness for Chinese characters, in this way, promoting the cultural exchanges and friendship between China and Japan.   

Mr.Qi Gaoquan said in his speech that, Chinese character is one of the languages that being used by the largest amount of people for longest period within broadest region. The creation and application of Chinese character not only promote the development of Chinese culture, but also have great impacts worldwide. In the long history, it is only the Chinese character that is still being used after thousand years. Also, as the media for cultural exchanges and communication, Chinese characters witness the cultural exchanges between China and Japan. We believe that after this exhibition, more and more Japanese will discover the beauty of Chinese character in this way. It will deepen understanding between Chinese and Japanese people.  

In addition, Mr. Shioe Kozo made his speech by reading the congratulatory letter from Mr. Monkawa Oku, mayor of Kyoto. He wished that this event would be a great success. Also, Mr. Yamauchi Shuji gave recognition on this event, and expressed his thanks for all personages that keep promoting the friendship between China and Japan.

This exhibition started from three dimensions that are the history of Chinese characters, the beauty of Chinese characters, and the profound impacts of Chinese Character. It gave the chance for visitors to see and appreciate precious relics in close range. Hope visitors can focus more on the charm and grace of Chinese characters which are displayed in different styles. Last but not least, the exhibition period is from March 24 to April 21, 2017 in Tokyo. 

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