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First Projects of Rainbow Bridge Program Accepted

Time:2013-06-28Editor:Liu WenwenResource:Commision for Economic Cooperation of CIFCAPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

From June 27 to 28, 2013, the acceptance ceremony of the first projects of Rainbow Bridge Program was held in Hong’an, Hubei. At the instruction of CPAFFC president Li Xiaolin herself, the first projects of Raibow Bridge Program had been successfully completed after over 6 months’s execution. The items for acceptance included Estee Lauder’s Care for Stay-at-Home Children (to sponsor the nursery desks, chairs and beds), Metlife’s Reading Room, Cummings Clean Drinking Water in School (to install device of clean hot water in schools), Coca Cola Healthy Youth (to construct basketball court and volleyball court), Ambo’s Care for Middle School Students (install ceiling fans in classrooms). The projects covered 5 nurseries, 55 elementary and middle schools, benefited about 30 thousand children. Hong’an County Government,office of foreign affairs,administration of education gave great assistance and support to the above projects.

President Li Xiaolin Attending Donating Ceremony of Estee Lauder’s Care for Stay-at-Home Children

 Donating Ceremony of Estee Lauder’s Care for Stay-at-Home Children

President Li Xiaolin of the CPAFFC attended the events in her tight schedule. She set a home breakfast to feast the senior managers of multinational corporations from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Wuhan and leaders of Hong’an County in Memorial Garden of Li Xiannian. First, President Li Xiaolin expressed her appreciation to the multinational corporations on behalf of the people of her hometown, for they coming to Hong’an from far distance through the bridge of friendship and imparting technology to the people in old revolutionary area. She wished the Rainbow Bridge Program could make everyone to learn a real China, thus support the people-to-people diplomatic works. The representatives of the multinational corporations expressed that, they would continue to go deep into the poverty-stricken old revolutionary area with the platform of Rainbow Bridge Program, to help the people there to develop and get rich.

Metlife Reading Room

New Basketball Court of Coca Cola Healthy Youth Project

Ceiling Fans Donated by Ambo’s Care for Middle School Students Project

The CPAFFC was planning the Yan’an Trip of Rainbow Bridge Program. We would continue to focus on combining the multinational corporations with the local practical needs, to make more resource of care contribute its maximum effect in poverty-stricken areas, and give these areas real assistance, to enhance the social influence of Rainbow Bridge Program.

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