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China-Germany Friendly Night Outdoor Jazz Concert Held in CPAFFC

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"China-Germany Friendly Night" outdoor Jazz concert was held in the courtyard of the Chinese People’ Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). Vice president Li Jianping of the CPAFFC and Chairman Peter Schneckmann of German Dragonbridge Society attended the activity and delivered speeches. About 200 spectators, from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Culture, China Radio International, Beijing Performance & Arts Group, University of International Business and Economics, The German Embassy in China, The Turkey Embassy in China and Goethe Institute Peking, attended the concert which was held in CPAFFC''''''''''''''''s courtyard with more than 110 years history. In addition, the CPAFFC also invited 10 fans to attend the activity by the microblog of the German Embassy in China, which drew the distance between general public and people-to-people diplomacy nearer.

The quartet performing in the courtyard of the CPAFFC

The speech of vice president Li Jianping referred to that world cannot be in peace, the countries cannot develop and the people cannot feel happy without friendship and reliance among the people.

The friendship could be acquired by various ways, and music is an elegant and joyful way. When musicians bring us the beautiful enjoyment, friendship and reliance was spread in people’ s mind at the same time. This is the purpose of the CPAFFC holding the China-Germany Friendly Night concert. In his speech, Mr. Peter Schneckmann joyfully recalled the cooperation with CPAFFC and appreciated CPAFFC’s support to this activity. He expressed that mutual understanding was formed by listening and communication, and music brought us a great opportunity to listen to each other’s culture.

Frankfurt Colours Quartet (FCQ) was formed by 4 prominent musicians. Their music is branded with the feature of the musicians’ hometowns. The pianist Matthias Frey is from Germany; bajan player Vassily Duck is from Siberia of Russia; percussionist Angela Frontera is from Brazil; saz player Deniz Koseoglu is from Turkey. Each of them once served as solo in other wellknown band and became famous for playing world famous chapter. FCQ was initiated by senior musician Peter Schneckmann, who had devoted himself to China-Germany cultural exchange for 40 years.

They blended many ethnic characteristics in modern styles. A modern tango with quick chord progressions, soothing the homesickness in gentle music. Frankfurt Colours Quartet’s music also can be gentle and passionate, reflecting the diverse cultures in Frankfurt. The quartet can transport audience to bustling Frankfurt, the exotic Bosporus Strait, the pulsing Amazon and the vast Siberian forest.

At the concert, the band also adapted the Chinese ethnic music Gold Snake Dancing Passionate. The melody with ethnic characteristics in jazz style endued this classic traditional chapter a different feature, that won warm applause from the audience.

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