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2nd 2012 China-ROK Young Friendship Ambassador Delegation Visits R.O. Korea

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At the invitation of Korea Foundation and Korea-China Youth Cultural Association (known as Future Forest), the second 2012 China-ROK Young Friendship Ambassador Delegation headed by Qi Jianguo, the adviser of China-ROK Friendship Association and former Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam, visited R.O. Korea from Oct.,22 to 30. The delegation which formed by 150 outstanding students from the universities of Beijing, Henan, Qinghai, Zhejing and Shaanxi visited Seoul, Chonju, Kunsan, Taego, Busan and Cheju.

The visit of the delegation is to implement the consensus on further enlarging the scale of invitation for youths, which was reached by the presidents of both countries when the Chinese President Hu Jintao visited R.O. Korea in 2008. This delegation is one of the exchanging visits for China-ROK youths which jointly sponsored by the CPAFFC and the Korean Foundation, undertaken by Future Forest.
This year is the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of China-ROK diplomatic relations and Year of China-ROK Friendly Exchanges. The visit of the delegation has special significance. On Oct.,23th, the delegation members and the Korean youth representatives as well concurrently visiting Beijing Youth Federation delegation members totaled more than 300 people attended activity celebrating Day of China-ROK Youths’ Friendship and the welcome banquet.

During the visit in Korea, the delegation gave audience to the introduction of the development of China-Korean relations by Park Joon-Young, the Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Park Byeong-gwangthe, the resercher of Asan Institute for Policy Studies. The delegation also visited Saemengeum Gunsan Free Economic Zone, Daegu Palgongsan and Jeju Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Through these activities, the delegates obtained not only certain understandings in Korean political, economic and cultural background, but also got to know more in a direct way of the connotation and significance of China-ROK friendship.

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