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Profile on Beijing Concert of PMF Music Festival

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In the evening of Aug.,4th, the Beijing Concert of Pacific Music Festival (PMF) Orchestra, which co-sponsored by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), China-Japan Friendship (CJFA) Association and Organizing Committee of Pacific Music Festival, was held in Century Theater, Beijing. Liu Deyou, the former vice minister of Ministry of Culture of China, Jing Dunquan, the vice-president of the CPAFFC and CJFA, Niwa Uichiro, the Japanese Ambassador in China and other representatives from all circles of China and Japan were present.

Beijing Concert of PMF

 Beijing Concert 

In the concert, under the world famous conductor, Fabio Luisi’s conducting, the PMF Orchestra, which organized by 77 young musicians from more the 20 countries and regions, performed Petrouchka (version 1947)by Stravinsky and Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74, “Pathetique” by Tchaikovsky. Their performance gave the audience a musical feast. By blending young people’s vigor and vitality into these classic works, Fabio Luisi’s conducting and young musicians’magnificent performance made the orchestra full of appeal which was like fresh air in the theater. All the audience were dwelling in such beautiful melody and moved by this sound of heaven. When the 2 hours’concert was going to finish, the thunderous applause and cheering prolonged in the theater. In the warm and continuous applause, Fabio Luisi gave encores from time to time, the atmosphere of the concert was proceeded to the climax. The audience seemed not enjoy enough and didn’t want to leave for a long time. Many of them could not hide their enjoyment and excitement to the concert, by praising the magnificent music the young musicians had performed.

Reception for Beijing Concert of PMF

 Vice-President Jing Dunquan of CPAFFC Addressing the Reception

In the reception after the concert, Vice-President Jing Dunquan addressed to congratulate the success of Beijing Concert of PMF. He said, this year was the 40th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations and  Friendly Exchange Year of the Chinese and Japanese People. In this important year, the success of the PMF Orchestra’s first overseas performance in China would not only further strengthen the cultural exchange between China and Japan, China and the world, but also deepen the friendship of the people around the world. The success of Beijing Concert interpreted Music Without Borders again. The young musicians with different nationalities, ethnic groups, education background, gathered in Beijing, and appealed their technical performing skill and good will for world peace to China and the world, by using their instruments and beautiful melody. He wished everyone present would take this concert as an opportunity, to experience a vivid, real, and vigorous China, thus become a participant of promoting the exchange and cooperation of China and the world. 

Ueda Fumio, Mayor of Sapporo, Addressing the Reception

Ueda Fumio, Mayor of Sapporo City, appreciated the CPAFFC and CJFA for their great efforts on successfully holding the Beijing Concert. He believed this concert would leave unforgettable and happy memories for every young musician.

Mnister Pleniptentiary Hidehisa Horinouchi Addressing

Hidehisa Horinouchi, the minister plenipotentiary of the Japanese Embassy in China, congratulated the success of Beijing Concert of PMF Orchestra in his speech. He deemed the great performance of young musicians had added a touch of bright colors for Friendly Exchange Year of the Chinese and Japanese People. He hoped the peoples between the two countries to further the mutual understanding and develop the relations of the two countries continuously through concerts and other brilliant exchanging activities.

Fabio Luisi Making Comment

In Fabio Luisi’s comment, he said, the success of tonight’s concert was the result of every musician’s joint efforts. This was an unforgettable night and also a important moment of his life. He wished everyone took this concert as a new start, to keep striving towards higher sphere of music.

Many members of PMF Orchestra said, it was a great pleasure to present what they learned in China where they longed for. During their visit in Beijing, they also visited to the great wall, and witnessed the development of this metropolis which impressed and convulsed them.

Site of the Reception

When the reception was going to finish, every one would go back to their own country next morning. The young musicians felt all sorts of feeling in their hearts. They parted each other reluctantly by embracing, blessing and weeping each others’s tears. It is so called culture could be sufficient by exchanging; hearts could be communicated by exchanging; friendship could be deeper by exchanging.  

Don’t think that you have not any friends, you are well known in the world. The sound of friendship jointly performed by youths from countries in the world will resonant forever in the blue sky of Beijing’s summer night.

Chinese College Students Performing Beijing Welcomes You 

Signature Wall

About PMF

Pacific Music Festival (also known as Sapporo Music Festival), short as PMF, was initiated by Leonard Bernstein, the world famous conductor, composer, educator, in 1990, his late years, aiming for cultivating Asian and Pacific young music talents. From 1990, every July, PMF will be held in Sapporo, Japan. The PMF is passing Bernstein’s spirit of loving music, human and peace.

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