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President Li Xiaolin Meets with Chairman of Cuba Institute of Friendship with Peoples Fernando Gonzales

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On 16th July, President Li Xiaolin met with chairman of Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples(ICAP) Fernando Gonzales, who visited China at the invitation of CPAFFC. Deputy Director General of Department of American and Oceanian Affairs Ji Yongjun and Charge D'affaires of Cuba Embassy in China Lisbet attended the meeting.

President Li Xiaolin briefly reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between CPAFFC and Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples(ICAP) and said that both parties have good cooperation relations and CPAFFC is willing to further strengthen the mutual exchange and cooperation positively and to promote mutual understanding and trust, passing the China-Cuba friendship to the next generation. 2020 would be the 60th anniversary for establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cuba, both parties should actively organise series of celebration events.

Chairman Gonzales thanked president Li Xiaolin for the meeting and said, it was his first visit to China and he had seen the rapid development of chinese economy and society as well as the solid foundation of Cuba-China friendship.He would work with chinese side to hold series of celebration events for 60th anniversary of establishment of Cuba-China diplomatic relations according to the results of this visit, in order to deepen the people’s friendship between both countries.

President Li Xiaolin and chairman Gonzales had also signed the Friendly Cooperation Agreement between CPAFFC and ICAP.

Photographed by Sun Tao

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