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CJFA President Tang Jiaxuan Meets with JAPIT President KONO YOHE

Time:2019-04-18Editor:Wang Lei Resource:Department of Japanese AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

 Mr. Tang Jiaxuan, president of China-Japan Friendship Association (CJFA) met in Beijing with Mr. KONO YOHE, president of the Association for the Promotion of International Trade, Japan (JAPIT) and former speaker of the House of Representatives, and his delegation on April 18. Mr. Song Jingwu, vice president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), Mr. Wu Jianghao, Director General of the Department of Asian Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Mr. OHASHI YOJI, vice president of JAPIT and adviser of All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd, attended the meeting.

President Tang Jiaxuan spoke highly of the contributions President KONO YOHE and JAPIT had made for a long time to improving the Sino-Japanese relations. He said, under the common efforts of the governments and various circles of the two countries, China-Japan relations had returned to normal track since 2018. The leaders of the two countries had reached important consensus after several meetings. It is also inspiring that both sides develop cooperation in bilateral and multilateral fields. As the second and third countries in economy, China and Japan deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, which are of important significance to peace, stability and development in Asia and the world. President Tang Jiaxuan expected that both sides should make common efforts to cherish the hard-won momentum of improvement in bilateral relations, promote new progress in the exchanges and cooperation of the two countries in various fields and achieve more results.
President KONO YOHE said that the two countries made great efforts on improving the bilateral ties. I am glad to see that the Sino-Japanese relations had returned to normal track last year and had made a series of important achievements. President KONO YOHE also expressed, he and JAPIT would work harder and continue making contributions to improving the bilateral relations, and nurture China-Japan friendship among future generations, so as to enable the friendship between both sides to pass on from generation to generation and the fruits of the cooperation of the two countries to benefit Asia and the world.






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