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President Tang Jiaxuan Meets with Japan-China Association Delegation

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Mr. Tang Jiaxuan, President of China-Japan Friendship Association (CJFA) met in Beijing with Japan-China Association delegation led by Mr. NODA TAKESHI, President of Japan-China Association (JCA) and Member of the House of Representatives in the Diet on August 23rd. Mme. Zhu Dan and Mr. Cheng Haibo, Deputy Director Generals of the Department of Japanese Affairs of CPAFFC, Mr. Shikata Noriyuki, Minister of the Japanese Embassy in China, attended the meeting.

Tang Jiaxuan extended welcome to Japan-China Association delegation for its visiting China and spoke highly of the unremitting efforts NODA TAKESHI and his wife had made for a long time to promoting the friendly exchanges of the two peoples and improving the bilateral relations. Tang Jiaxuan said, the Japan-China Friendship was established in 1975. It had made active contributions to the signing of the China-Japan?Treaty?of?Peace?and?Friendship. NODA TAKESHI also made remarkable efforts for the work, which was appreciated and was never forgot by the people.
Tang Jiaxuan said, the current bilateral relations are increasingly improved. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace?and?Friendship, Mr. NODA TAKESHI led new members of Japan-China Association to visit China, which is of important significance. Therefore, the Chinese side attached importance to this visiting, and hoped to obtain positive results after this in-depth exchanges with China on relevant fields. He also expected Japan-China Association to develop various creative and effective activities in the new situation and made new contributions to further promoting the friendly exchanges of the two peoples and pushing bilateral relations for improvement.

NODA TAKESHI thanked President Tang Jiaxuan for taking time to meet them and thoughtful arrangement for them. He said that Japan-China Association had been adhering to the spirit of the Sino-Japanese friendship since it was founded, and was dedicated to promoting the friendly exchanges of the two peoples in various fields. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China and Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship and also the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. Japan and China Association would like to take these as opportunities to make more contributions to improving the bilateral ties.




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