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Vice President Hu Sishe Meets President Lorenzo Ku

Time:2018-05-31Editor:Zhang HuanResource:China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign CountriesPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

Mr. Hu Sishe, Vice President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), met with Mr. Lorenzo Ku, President of Philippines-China Association for Promotion of Economy and Trade (PCAPET), an old friend of CPAFFC and also a winner of the Award for Contribution to People’s Friendship, and his delegation on the morning of May, 31st.

The purpose of visiting China for Mr. Lorenzo Ku this time was to attend the Memorandum signing ceremony of establishing the sister province relationship between Liaoning and Batangas. He had made great efforts on establishing relationship of the two provinces. Mr. Lorenzo Ku had ever introduced Fushun and Riba, Henan and Tarlac to establish sister city (province) relationship as a go-between.

Vice President Hu Sishe thanked Mr. Lorenzo Ku for making efforts on promoting the cause of the friendship between two countries at an advanced age. Vice President Hu said that developing and establishing sister city (province) is an important work for us. Entrusted by State Council, CPAFFC is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the work of establishing friendship-city relations between China and other countries. Until now, it has established 30 pairs of sister city (province) between China and the Philippines. The exchanges of the local governments between two countries played an active role in promoting the bilateral relations.

Mr. Lorenzo Ku made an introduction about the work and planning on enhancing the bilateral ties. He hoped to continue strengthening the cooperation with CPAFFC.

Both sides also had an in-depth discussion on cooperate programs including household service, aged service, health care and etc.

Mr. Zhang Juxiang, Director General of China Service for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries (CSC) of CPAFFC, Mr. Hu Yang, Deputy Director General of CSC, attended the meeting









Photographed by Song Zifan    


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