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Vice President Hu Sishe Meets with Culture Shawinigan Delegates

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On October 26th, Vice President Hu Sishe met with Canadian delegates from Culture Shawinigan. He talked with Mr. Bryan Pérreault, Director General of the organization, about promoting the exchanges of performing arts and literature between China and Canada.

Culture Shawinigan is a non-profit cultural organization established by the city of Shawinigan, Quebec,and committed to presenting shows and exhibitions to the general public. In March 2017, it invited the CPAFFC to send a shadow play troupe to participate in Passporte Pour la Chine, an annual event hosted by the organization, which was highly praised by local audience and media.

Invited by the CPAFFC, representatives from Culture Shawinigan visited Beijing, Xi’an, Qingyang city of Gansu Province, and Fuzhou city of Jiangxi Province on their exploration of art forms of Daoqing shadow puppetry, Nuo Opera, Kunqu Opera, and contemporary dance. They also visited Xi’an Broadcasting and TV station, discussing cooperative programs.

Bryan Pérreault is a Canadian author of Amos Daragon, fantasy fiction series popular in North America and widely translated around the globe. He is also engaged in stage show production.

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