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President Li Xiaolin Meets with President Korn Dabbaransi

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Mme. Li Xiaolin, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), met with Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, President of Thailand-China Friendship Association (TCFA) on August 17th.

President Li thanked President Korn Dabbaransi for having promoted China-Thailand friendship and having taken an active part in and supported China-ASEAN (10+1) activity for a long time. She said that our duties are to keep the friendship of the two countries from generation to generation, to make the “Belt and Road” Initiative benefited the two countries, the region and the people in the world, to share the concept of peaceful development, mutual benefit and win-win all over the world. She also hoped that the two associations could hold more influential activities so as to promote the pragmatic cooperation of local governments of the two countries and to play an important role in promoting official diplomacy by non-official diplomacy, improving political relations through economic cooperation and enhancing diplomatic relations with other countries through local governments' contacts.


President Korn Dabbaransi spoke highly of the active role CPAFFC had played in promoting the friendly relations among Thailand and China, ASEAN and China, and the exchanges of local governments. He said that “Thailand and China are one family” which is a kind of special deep friendship. TCFA is willing to consolidate and develop the friendship of the two countries as before. President Korn Dabbaransi expressed, China is the leader to development in Asia. The proposal and implement of the “Belt and Road” Initiative would benefit the countries and peoples in the region. He himself actively supports the great initiative.

Mme. Lin Yi, Vice President of CPAFFC, attended the meeting.

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