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The 21th China-Japan-Korea Friendship City Exchange Conference Held in Japan

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From 28th Oct. to 29th Oct.2019, the 21th China-Japan-Korea Friendship City Exchange Conference was co-hosted by CPAFFC, Japanese Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR), and Governor Association of Korea in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan. Vice-President Xie Yuan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of CLAIR Okamoto Tamotsu, Director of international Affairs of Governor Association of Korea Yang Joong Mo, Governor of Ehime Nakamura Tokihiro and municipal representatives from China, Japan and Republic of Korea, more than 500 people in total attended the conference.

In his speech, vice-president Xie Yuan pointed out that China, Japan and Republic of Korea are neighboring countries across the sea that cannot be removed. Three countries share a similar culture. A peaceful regional environment would be a strong garantee for the sustainable healthy development of cooperation among three countries. Municipal government cooperaion works as a significant part of China-Japan-Republic of  Korea state relations. Each country gets its own features and advantages in terms of municipal development and the perspective for cooperation and mutual benefits is bright and has giant potential. It is hoped that three countries can take this conference as an opportunity to expand the cooperation areas and promote cooperation level in municipal development, to build a solid foundation of public opion and hand in hand to create a bright future of China-Japan-Republic of Korea and Northeast Asian cooperation.  

Okamoto Tamotsu said, as the most influential international conference of municipal government level in Northeast Asia, the conference has been continuously held for the past 21 years and has effectively strengthened the communication and exchange among municipal governments from three countries, built a important foundation of mutual understanding and amity. Yang Joong Mo expressed, the municipal government exchange and cooperation offers a new approach for developing relations of China, Japan and Republic of Korea. He hoped that the municipal governments of China, Japan and Republic of Korea can further promote the understanding and deepen the cooperation, work together to maintain peace and prosperity of Northeast Asia.Nakamura Tokihiro said, Ehime pays great attention to and promotes actively the exchange and cooperation with China and Republic of Korea. Ehime has established friendship relation with multiple municipal regions in China and Republic of  Korea. He hoped that undertaking this conference can help spread the attraction of Ehime and constantly strengthen the exchange and cooperation with relevant municipal regions in China and Republic of Korea.

In the keynote speech and in the workshop, municipal representatives of China, Japan and Republic of Korea focused on the conference theme of making most of regional advantage, building attractive cities and discussed actively, exchanged experience and sought opportunity to cooperate in terms of experience tourism, sustainable development, handling polulation aging etc.

The 22th China-Japan-Korea Friendship City Exchange Conference will be held in Gwangju, Republic of  Korea in 2020.

Photographed by Shen Haiting

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